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Sow The Seed follows the ups and downs of me, Helen and my husband, Simon - a couple trying to live a simpler life in south-west Wales.

I hope this blog will not only be a good reference and diary for us over the coming years, but will give helpful advice and tips for people trying to do the same thing, or dreaming of doing the same thing.

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What’s Happening Today

Tasks: Sowing; pruning; weeding; pottering

Harvesting: Cucumber, lettuce, radishes, strawberries, broad beans, potatoes

Eggs this year: 394 (hens) 317 (ducks)


Potatoes in bags

We’re still clearly in winter, as we managed to get down to -3C yesterday. However, generally the days seem to be getting warmer, as well as longer. So it seems about the right time to plant some early potatoes, albeit in the polytunnel. I’ve had my seed potatoes chitting on a cool window sill, and sprouts are beginning to emerge. I didn’t want to put any potatoes directly in the polytunnel beds, as potatoes are the same family as tomatoes, so don’t fit in with my polytunnel rotation plan, so I thought I would give them a go in bags.

As the developing potatoes turn green if exposed to light I chose some old compost bags that are black inside, so should stop any light getting on to the potatoes. I then used a mixture of garden compost and garden soil, and placed a good amount at the bottom of each bag. The potato was then covered with another 2-3” of the compost mix. When the shoots (hopefully) start to appear I’ll add more compost and bring the edges of the bag up. Given the slightly warmer temperatures in the polytunnel I’m hoping these will be ready well before the early potatoes outside.

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