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Sow The Seed follows the ups and downs of me, Helen and my husband, Simon - a couple trying to live a simpler life in south-west Wales.

I hope this blog will not only be a good reference and diary for us over the coming years, but will give helpful advice and tips for people trying to do the same thing, or dreaming of doing the same thing.

Find out more on how we got here.

What’s Happening Today

Tasks: Sowing; pruning; weeding; pottering

Harvesting: Cucumber, lettuce, radishes, strawberries, broad beans, potatoes

Eggs this year: 394 (hens) 317 (ducks)

First cherry harvest. Sweet (left) and sour (right)

First cherry harvest. Sweet (left) and sour (right)

It seems our endeavors to protect our cherries from the birds has worked, and we have been able to pick our first crop of cherries. It’s not a bumper crop, but enough sweet cherries (Stella) to nibble on and enough sour cherries (Morello) to make a few puddings. Unfortunately, the net we’re using has holes in which are large enough to let wasps in, so I picked as many as I could, and we’ll remove the nets so the birds and wasps can have the rest. There’s always something trying to get to our precious fruit!

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