Pig-proof fence?

We’ve been busy the last few weekends getting the field ready for the arrival of the pigs. The first stage was to put up some stock fencing, which took us the best part of two weekends to complete.  This was then followed this weekend with the construction of the electric fence. This first required us to cut back the tussocks of grass along the line of the fence so that the electric fence didn’t short itself out by touching any grass. So with grass sickle in hand this was achieved relatively quickly and easily, but unfortunately not painlessly, as one of my fingers decided to get in the way.

So the best part of Saturday afternoon was spent in A&E waiting for my finger to be stitched back up (that’s up rather than on… it wasn’t quite that bad). We weren’t too sure whether the cut needed stitches – it was a nice clean cut, lessened by the rubber gloves I was wearing, but it was still a lot deeper than a scratch. Better to err on the side of caution and let the experts decide. So yes, it did require a couple of stitches, but hopefully it will be better in a week or so.

Today was spent getting the electric fence in place and testing the electrics. Simon was at last able to utter the words “energise”, being the Trekkie that he is, and we heard the energiser click into action. The next stage is to actually test that it’s working (just because there’s an electric pulse, doesn’t mean that an animal would actually get a shock from it if it wasn’t earthed properly). Neither of us has plucked up the courage yet to try it for ourselves, so we either wait for the pigs to arrive and see what happens, of we have a few beers and double-dare ourselves to touch it. Or of course we could try and get a meter and test it!

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