Coffee (right) and Cream (left)

Our depleted chicken numbers didn’t last long – we’re now up to five. We fancied getting some chickens that lay blue eggs and the two choices are Araucanas or Cream Legbars. Cream Legbars actually have some traces of the Araucana gene in them, and as blue eggs are a dominant trait anything that crosses with it will lay a blue egg.

Both breeds are quite hard to come by, with the Araucana classed as a rare breed in the poultry world. Also, blue eggs have become popular recently as there is a myth going round that they are lower in cholesterol than standard chicken eggs. This has been proved to be false, but they still make for an interesting looking egg.

We found a Cream Legbar breeder fairly close by and luckily he had some slightly older hens for sale. Normally he sells them at six weeks, which would have been too young for us to put them in the same run as our existing chickens. However, he had a couple that were 30 weeks old, so were nearly fully grown and already laying. The plan was to get just one Cream Legbar hen, but he presented us with two sisters that had been brought up together, so a deal was struck and here we are now with two more chickens.

Who rules the roost now?

We’ve put the two new chickens – which we’ve named Coffee and Cream – into the neighbouring chicken run so that they could settle in before being let loose with our other hens. It was interesting to see Coke, our Black Rock, who is the dominant one in the flock, eyeing up the newbies and acting more like a cockerel as she asserted her position. It will be interesting tonight when they get put into the house together, and tomorrow when they are let out in the same run. We are expecting a few feathers to fly. Hopefully it won’t take too long for them to find their new pecking order.

We’ve yet to decide on whether to still go for an Araucana as well. We’ll give it a few days to see how Coffee and Cream settle in, and then decide whether we want to increase the numbers.

Small but perfectly formed blue egg

Here’s a picture of our first blue egg. It’s pretty small only 42g, compared to the average 70g that we get from the others. We’re not sure if this is normal for the breed or just because they’re young still, but whatever the size it’s a lovely pastel blue colour.



2 Responses to “Introducing Coffee and Cream”

  • Cathy Boyle says:

    My next-door-but-one neighbour invited me round last week to meet her new chickens. They had two white ones initially but one died so they got three more. They now have the rather originally named Whitey, Blacky, Browny and Grey-y!! You and Simon clearly have slightly more imagination when it comes to chicken naming!

    • Helen says:

      It took us a few attempts to get the naming right. Our rejects included Taboo and Mirage (following the alcoholic drink theme of the others), and Milli and Vanilli (ie 80s pop duo who famously didn’t sing their own songs), the latter being rejected because it was an all male pop band!

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