Delilah (back) and Matilda exploring their new home

As promised here are the new occupants of our homemade chicken house – Delilah and Matilda. We decided to go back to the place we got our original chickens from as they offer a number of different hybrid breeds of chicken, and they are relatively local. We’ve broken away from our previous rule of buying a pair of the same breed and picked out a Black Rock (Delilah) and a Warren/ISA Brown (Matilda). We were nearly tempted to get a third, but if these and the current two lay as well as they should, four chickens is plenty for our needs.

We’ve made a small run around the new house so that they won’t have any contact with Coffee and Cream, but will still be able to see each other and get used to each other’s presence. We’re planning on keeping them separated for a couple of weeks and then the proper introductions will happen.

Just as we’ve started to let Coffee and Cream out into the garden (which we don’t mind doing at this time of the year when there aren’t any seedlings for them to scratch up), we have started to see foxes around! This evening I came across two foxes by the vegetable garden, and scared them off. Yesterday we saw another one saunter down the road (in the daylight), so they are clearly getting quite bold. That has put an end to us letting the chickens out into the garden unless there is strict supervision.

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