Our new Khaki Campbell ducks.

Our new Khaki Campbell ducks.

Here’s the latest addition to our flock – 4 Khaki Campbell ducks. We’ve talked about getting ducks for a while, but haven’t taken the plunge as we haven’t got a dedicated area for them yet. However, by chance a friend mentioned she needed to reduce her flock of ducks as she was over-whelmed with eggs, and the cost of feed was too much, so we thought why not! We could use the other section of the chicken run and “sick” house as a temporary home. And as for giving them somewhere to bathe, well it turns out all they need is somewhere to dunk their heads (although of course if they can have room to swim as well all the better), so a deep tub or small paddling pool is adequate. So off we went with empty boxes into the wilds of Carmarthenshire and came home with 4 ducks.

Two of them are about two years old (the two on the right of the picture), while the other two are only four months old or so, so have yet to gain their adult feathers and start laying. And apparently laying is what they’re good at – better than chickens, up to 350 eggs a year! We have yet to see any eggs, but it always takes a while for them to get settled and feel comfortable nesting.

They don’t seem to trust us as much as the chickens, and stay well clear of us. However, we’re trying to tempt them with food, as we will need to get close to them at some stage. We’ve had fun and games with getting them to go into their house at night. The first night was a bit traumatic for all parties, but we managed to corner them and get them in. They seem to have now learnt where home is and will put themselves to bed, but much later than the chickens, waiting until dark to go in. And unlike the chickens, which individually go to bed, the ducks have to do everything together. So it takes all them to decide to go into the house before any of them will go in. Similarly, in the mornings, they don’t come out one by one, but all come out at once, waddling down the ramp, tails wagging! I think we’re going to have some fun with this lot.

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  • Cathy says:

    I had to put next door’s chickens and ducks to bed one evening last year, which was certainly an experience. They weren’t having any of it when it was only dusk so I had to go back when it was a bit darker and then, as you say, they all moved as a unit, finally giving in with a lot of indignant quacking! So, yes, I can imagine you’re going to have some interesting times, but they’re so cute I’m sure you’ll forgive them for any misbehaviour!

    • Helen says:

      They nearly had to stay out all night last night. After going out multiple times to shut them up (the chickens had long gone to bed) they were still hanging around outside the house, and every time I approached, they waddled off to some other part of the run. Simon went out one final time before we went to bed, and swore if they weren’t in the house this time the door would be shut and they would have to stay out all night – luckily they had seen sense and had gone in.

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