Riding the tube!

Riding the tube! Flopsy, Stompy and Buster (front to back)

It’s been over a month since we got the goats, but it feels like we’ve had them a lot longer and they’re now part of the family. They’ve settled in really well, and after their initial wariness of us, they now come running up to us every time we go to see them. Of course this might be partly due to our bringing them food, but we like to think they enjoy seeing us. One of the boys (Stompy, who has had a name change since my previous post) has become very affectionate. If you’re petting one of the other goats, he tries to nudge his way in, so that you stroke him instead. But we try to give equal attention to all!

Since my previous post, the boys have been to the vets to have the snip. This went relatively well, and was over remarkably quickly. Stompy, who we thought would cause the most trouble, was actually very well behaved and quite placid while he was being tugged and pulled! Meanwhile, Buster made a lot of noise, so perhaps he has a lower pain threshold. However, once we got them home, they both were playing in their run like nothing had happened.

The goats are continuing to be very playful, and like many young animals they have moments of intense play, before settling down to eat or sleep. They’re enjoying their tube, and now play both in it and on it. How they’re able to stand on a grooved round surface, I don’t know, but I suppose this is what goats are good at. They also do a lot of butting heads, to show their dominance, and even Flopsy (the female), puts up a good fight.

Enjoying the hedgerow

Enjoying the hedgerow

We’ve now let them out into the wider field, which was initially a bit intimidating for them. But now they’ve learnt there are all kinds of tasty things to be found in the field and hedges, they spend quite a bit of time out in the field. They do seem to prefer the hedge rather than the field, as this offers more of the kind of food they like to eat – brambles, leaves, etc. and in fact spend a lot of their time with their heads the other side of the fence, reaching as far as they can for anything tasty. This can be a bit hazardous, as their horns allow them through the gaps in the fence, but they can get them caught coming back out (a bit of design flaw)!

So as you can probably tell, we are enjoying the whole goat experience. The time it takes to feed, water and keep their house is pretty minimal, and in return we get hedge trimmers, a source of manure for the garden, and animals to play with.

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