Latest building project

Latest building project

As February draws to a close, and the weather begins to improve, we have at last been able to get on with the first major job of the year…building another log store. Yes, this will now be the third log store we’ve built! This latest structure will house one year’s worth of split logs, which will mean that in conjunction with our main log store, we can have a rolling three year cycle. This should mean that we always have space for any wood we cut and split during the winter, without having to shuffle existing stacks of wood around.

The latest log store is a bit simpler than our larger one; nevertheless it still seems to have taken a while to build. We’re about half way through the build now, with just the roof and sides to put on. Simon is already busy splitting the wood that will go in it, so there’s an incentive to get on with it (if the weather holds).

We’ve got a few major projects planned for this year, all involving building structures. I’m not sure if we’ll have the motivation to get them all done, but we’ve made a good start on the first one.

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