Reunited again

Reunited again

We received a call one morning last week from our neighbour: “have you lost a duck? There’s a duck sitting on our driveway”. Sure enough, Mr Duck was missing from his run. None of the ducks are tame, so we weren’t sure how we were going to get him home. The initial attempts to try herding him back up the road just scared him, and he ended up flying over the hedge into the next neighbours garden and disappeared (he’s very well camouflaged). This wasn’t going to be easy. The neighbour spotted him later in the day (or his dog did), so we tried again to capture him, but he just disappeared into the undergrowth. The best thing was just to leave him, and see if he made his own way home. After all, he’d managed to fly out of the run, so there was no reason he couldn’t fly back again.

Sure enough, the next morning there he was back with his ladies. However, being a dumb bird, he hadn’t quite managed to get all the way home, but was pacing up and down the fence, inside the goats field, quacking to his ladies. The goats were curious about what this strange creature was in their field, and kept going up to him and backing off again. Mr Duck didn’t seem bothered and continued to call to the ducks. We managed to herd him slowly back through the gate and into his run, to be reunited with the others. A lot of head bobbing followed, and all was well again.

That night we went out to capture him, so we could clip his wing to stop him escaping again. It’s always a bit of a trauma trying to capture the ducks, but by using a sheet we managed to secure him and clipped his wing feathers (just on one side so he can’t fly away). We’ll do the other ducks as well, but there should be no reason for them to fly off without Mr Duck leading the way.

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