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Mr Duck has flown the nest!

Spring is definitely in full flow. The blossom is out on the fruit trees, the birds are busy making nests, and the swallows have arrived. However, there are also other signs of spring in our garden. Around this time last year, our drake decided to fly away one day and leave his ladies. He didn’t go very far, just down to the neighbours. He came back of his own accord a day later, and stayed put. However, he must have had the urge to try again, as he’s disappeared. None of the neighbours have seen him, and it’s been three days since he left, with no sign of him returning. We think he must have gone further afield to try his luck elsewhere. We’re not too bothered he’s gone, as he did molest the ladies a lot, and he was just another mouth to feed, with little in return. He certainly didn’t like us, often hissing at us if we got too close. The ladies don’t seem too bothered either (as far as we can tell), and they are still laying well. We’ll keep a look out for him, but I think given the time he’s been away he’s gone for good.

Whilst we’ve lost a duck, we’ve gained another occupant in the garden, just in time for Easter. A rabbit (we assume it is only one), has decided that they are going to make their home in our garden, and more specifically in our polytunnel. We’ve caught them on the camera trap, so we definitely know it’s a rabbit, and I surprised it the other day when I went to open up the polytunnel one morning. This is the first time we’ve seen a rabbit this close to the house, but given they have been growing in numbers in the area, it was only a matter of time before one appeared in the garden…but we hadn’t expected it to set up home in the polytunnel! We’re making efforts to remove it from the tunnel, but of course as soon as we laid a trap it hasn’t returned. We will have to play the waiting game!

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