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Latest building project

Latest building project

As February draws to a close, and the weather begins to improve, we have at last been able to get on with the first major job of the year…building another log store. Yes, this will now be the third log store we’ve built! This latest structure will house one year’s worth of split logs, which will mean that in conjunction with our main log store, we can have a rolling three year cycle. This should mean that we always have space for any wood we cut and split during the winter, without having to shuffle existing stacks of wood around.

The latest log store is a bit simpler than our larger one; nevertheless it still seems to have taken a while to build. We’re about half way through the build now, with just the roof and sides to put on. Simon is already busy splitting the wood that will go in it, so there’s an incentive to get on with it (if the weather holds).

We’ve got a few major projects planned for this year, all involving building structures. I’m not sure if we’ll have the motivation to get them all done, but we’ve made a good start on the first one.

Better get chopping!

The first project of 2011 was completed this weekend – a wood store. We’re starting to build up a good pile of logs for burning on our woodburners, but haven’t really had anywhere good to store it while it is seasoning. We’ve cobbled together make-do stores, but it’s good to now be able to stack it properly where the worst of the rain can be kept from it. As you can see it’s not particularly pretty, having been put together using various handouts, with the main poles and braces the only thing we had to buy. My dad had a load of old corrugated roofing sheets he no longer needed, and our local farmer has a good supply of pallets, which can be used for no end of structures around the garden – compost heaps, chicken shelters, and pig houses at the last count!

I might look at growing something up the side to try and hide it a bit, but the main thing now is to try to find some more wood to fill it!

Frosty cabbage

It looks like winter has well and truly arrived. We measured -10°C in the polytunnel on Saturday night/Sunday morning and similarly temperatures last night. As I write the mercury is reading around -5°C. However, the sun is shining and everything is sparkling so while it may be cold at least it’s not snowing (yet!). Read the rest of this entry »

Sprouts in September

It seems winter is approaching rapidly, and some tasks highlight the fact even more so. Chopping wood is something neither us like doing, but having received a load of wood from our friendly farmer we needed to get it split and stacked so that it could begin the long process of drying out for future use. We have plans to build a proper wood store, but at the moment we are making do with old pallets and tarpaulin to keep the rain off. It’s not ideal, but at this stage in the seasoning process, as long as the worst of the rain is kept off the logs, they should be fine. Now that we’ve got two wood-burning stoves, and plans for a third, we need an awful lot of wood to keep them going. We still have to buy most of our supplies in, but we keep our eyes peeled for possible free supplies so that we can build up our wood store for future years.

Another sign that winter is around the corner was our first crop of sprouts. I hadn’t expected to get any this early, despite the variety being an “early” type. I’m not sure how long these will continue producing for, and for some reason I didn’t plant any later varieties, so we may not have any fresh ones for Christmas Day. I’ll try freezing a few so that we have an emergency supply, although I can’t imagine frozen sprouts taste nearly as nice as fresh. Read the rest of this entry »

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